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$100 Cash Holiday Contest-Winner Announced!

November 29, 2011


Congratulations to A. Helmer. She won the $100 CASH CONTEST!

Welcome to $100 CASH HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY! In honor of the holidays, we will be giving away this cash prize to one lucky reader. Holidays are so important for the little ones. We want to make sure your little one has everything he/she needs this holiday season!

So, your job is to post a Thanksgiving or Christmas picture of your little ones on our Facebook page and then make a comment on our blog. Please tell us how winning this contest could make your holidays brighter! The person with the most likes on Facebook will win.

You must be subscribed to this blog to win! Contest ends December 15th!



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by Jessica G


Callie Crenshaw on 12/05/2011
I entered the Christmas Contest on facebook! <3

Callie Crenshaw on 12/05/2011
If I were to win this contest it would mean so much to me and my family. My husband has been out of a job, luckily he just got one, but $100 would really help getting my daughter everything she deserves for her 1st Christmas! :)

rosandra hernandez on 12/14/2011
winning the money could make alot of people in my family happy because we have 3 kids and the only one working is my husband and is going to be my bb 1st christmas and she deserve it

Brittany Vinson on 12/14/2011
Winning this contest would mean so much to my family of 5. My fiance and I have 3 boys ages 2, 1, and 4 months. I work a full time job while he stays at home due to being wounded at war. I would love to be able to make my babies eyes light up on Christmas morning with everything that they could ever want!

Austin Helmer on 12/14/2011
if we were able to win this money we would be more then GRATEFUL...we live in FLINT,MI and things here are'nt always the best it's ruff at times my boyfriend just got laid off 2 weeks before christmas and he only makes a little over minimum wage and he's the only one that is able to provide right now..and this is NYLA'S second christmas where she knows a little bit more and can be MORE excited and into opening presents so this would be a GREAT way to put some under the TREE.... but just having us all around for christmas as a FAMILY is a BLESSING all in one 2.So thanks for your TIME and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. <3 Nyla,Matt and Me

Tara Luedke on 12/14/2011
MY son is two, and we are expecting our baby girl in April. He is so excited for christmas and keep telling everyone Santa is coming to see him. Winning would really brighten our holiday and help me (I mean Santa) complete it!

Tara Luedke on 12/14/2011
Winning would really brighten our holiday. My two years old son is so excited that Santa is coming to see him and this would help me (I mean Santa)get him everything he deserves!

Natasha jones on 12/14/2011
I would really like to win this. I have never won a contest on here. I am a first time mom due Jan 19 2012. Winning this would really brighten the holidays because I have not celebrated a holiday in 4 years since my boyfriends sister came up missing. I wish we could afford to have more for our little one, it's just me and my boyfriend and he is fighting to get his SSI and no job and with me being pregnant I don't have a job either. If I win this I would spend the money on my dear unborn son to maybe give him a better head start in life the only thing we have for him so far is a pack n play and a swing, so there are alot of things we need. Hope I win :)

tamara sparks on 12/15/2011
If i was to win this money, I would split it between my girls and let them buy whatever they wanted. How often do you get the chance to do that now adays? :)

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