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"Netflix for Toys"

November 11, 2011

I had to share something great with everyone that I've discovered. It's a site called Toygaroo. They are basically like a "Netflix" for toys and it's a fantastic idea. Have you ever bought toys for your child only to find they play with it for a day or two and then basically write them off and move on to something else? Well, this site lets you add toys to your cart that you think would suit your children best. You sign up for a plan and Toygaroo sends out 4, 6 or 8 toys a month. Once your child is done playing with their toys, you ship them back. What's great is that you don't pay for shipping either. You ship the toys back and they send you out more toys for your kids to play with! You can keep the toys for as long as you like too. They carry over 500 toys from newborn to age 5. Also, all of their toys go through a major sanitization process each time they are returned. There’s no “Yuck Factor!”

I had the opportunity to try this program out for my kids. They were so excited to get their box of toys. My kids had such a blast with these toys that I was so glad I signed up for one of their plans. I had to share this great site with my readers!

I've received a really great offer I wanted to share with you guys too. It's a 25% off coupon for a discount on any plan. Just use the code luvmykids when you go to checkout at Toygaroo.

Right now Toygaroo has a special for the holidays. You can add 6 toys to your pouch for $32!

You will be so happy you checked this site out. Happy Holidays!



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by Jessica G


Mike on 11/11/2011
Thank you for your blogs

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