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5 Tips For a Birthday Party on a Budget

April 13, 2012


So, my almost 7-year-old is having a birthday next week. He's very excited. In fact, he's been talking about his special day for weeks if not months! He's really big into Lego's this year and he's having a Lego Ninjago party. The problem? They don't make Lego Ninjago birthday supplies. I had to think outside the box for this one. As much time as a mother of three has, I opted to go online for some help. I found many different people and websites that offer to make you specialized party supplies. I managed to go through a website called Etsy and I was able to get four goody bag favors for each kid and cupcake toppers all with Ninjago labels. They are really great and I know my little guy was pretty pumped when he saw them. I will probably add some candy fillers into the goody bags and we'll be good to go!

This year I really sat and thought long and hard about who to invite and who not to invite. The problem I ran into is now that my son is in first grade, he has many friends in his class. Since many of mine and my husbands friends had kids at pretty much the same time, I had to really cut the list down this year. What I really needed to do was ask my son who HE wanted to invite to HIS party. So, what it came down to was he wanted all the boys in his class.(He told me he doesn't play with the girls which is fine by me!) He also wanted to invite a few friends from his kindergarten class last year and a couple of his good friends outside of school. The grand total was 14 which is a perfect size right? Had I invited all my friends and all their kids the total would have been around 30. I really wanted to keep it simple this year. I think simple is better and I think having that many people at a birthday party can get overwhelming especially for a seven-year old. I know how overwhelming they can get because I've done the big birthday parties in the past and I know how much work it is for me!

I decided to come up with some tips to do a birthday party on a budget. Here they are!


1. Set a Budget!

I think it's important to set your budget amount for your party. I know how crazy and out of hand birthdays cost! It's good to know how much you want to spend that way you can cut corners and/or add details to the party.

2. Indoors/Outdoors

Instead of booking an expensive party venue, keep it simple. Plan the party indoors or even outdoors to save money. Kids will be happy either way!

3. Do it Yourself!

Instead of buying decorations and expensive games, make them yourself! You can even go as far as printing your own invitations and labels for the party. If you are not into that idea, try going to your local Dollar Tree store. They carry many different and inexpensive party supplies.

4. Make the Cake!

Better yet, make cupcakes! Kids love cupcakes and it's really inexpensive. You could even make labels off the computer and attach them to toothpicks and place one in each cupcake.

5. Have Fun!

I think simple parties are key! What's great about keeping kid's birthday parties simple is that you really get to enjoy your child's birthday party and take it all in.



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by Jessica G


Akram on 05/29/2012
I used bubbles they were able to chase them and catch them and the older kids where so eeticxd to be the bubble makers it was a lot of fun and the kids had a ball the other fun thing we did was hire some toys so everyone had something to play with and the birthday boy didnt get possesive about his' toys, we have mobile toy libraries in Australia and it provides lots of entertainment for the kids at a reasonable price for me I think I borrowed 6 play tables and 10 balls push along toys etc, it was just a lot of fun and really relaxing for all us mums there was no expectations of a huge party it ws a memorable occasion for us all. Was this answer helpful?

Christian on 07/02/2013
Oh yes!Are so nice... i agree with you, i think that is a great idea for summer buy a new pair of nice and ctfaoronble Babouce! ;^)Beautiful blog and beautiful pictures!

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