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Are Dads More Involved?

January 03, 2012

Gone are the days when June Cleaver raises the family anxiously awaiting the arrival of her husband at the end of the day so she can serve him dinner. Dads are more involved in raising the kids these days! Study shows that dads are more interested in their wives pregnancies and birth than ever before too. They are also more helpful with taking care of their children and they are more likely to help out around the house. Times have changed and even though most of the responsibility falls on the mother, the percentage of dads helping out has increased over the years. Even some dads have opted to stay home with their kiddos while their wife is more career oriented. This was certainly unheard of back in the day but times they are a changing! These days, I see more dads toting their tots around in a sling. I also see dads grocery shopping with their kids too and running errands or taking them to the park or out to lunch.

It got me thinking what the impact of fathers have on children these days. Here's a fact:

"Children with involved, caring fathers have better educational outcomes. A number of studies suggest that fathers who are involved, nurturing, and playful with their infants have children with higher IQs, as well as better linguistic and cognitive capacities.Toddlers with involved fathers go on to start school with higher levels of academic readiness. They are more patient and can handle the stresses and frustrations associated with schooling more readily than children with less involved fathers."

This is not to say that all dads are the same but there is a significant difference over the years. Here are some tips to get dad more involved in their kids' lives.

1. Have him help out with homework. Having dad more involved in schoolwork actually works both ways. Children actually do better in school when dad is involved, study shows and dads like being aware of what their child is learning at school.

2. Have one on one time with dad. This will be a special time and kids will love being the center of dad’s attention!

3. Have dad get involved in after school activities like sports etc.

4. Have dad read a story at bedtime. If your child can read, have him/her read to dad too.


I have to say, I am very proud of some of the dads these days! I think their role is just as important as moms!


What do you think? Are dads more involved?



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by Jessica G


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