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Best and Worst Parenting Advice

September 22, 2011

I have had some great parenting advice and some not so great advice over the past six years.  The advice started the minute I told everyone I was pregnant for the first time. I found that as soon as I started showing, people would flock to me. I would hear things like "Oh, you're pregnant? When are you due?" "Do you know what you're having?" "Don't forget to swaddle the baby." "What kinds of bottles will you use?"  And of course the "Don't forget to sleep when the baby sleeps!" Of all the advice this was my least favorite!

When we brought home our newborn son from the hospital, that's all I heard. "You need to rest when he's sleeping." "Don't forget to take a nap when he naps." This was impossible for me. First off I was a new mother. I was completely mesmerized by this little creature. I had to make sure he was alright, especially when he slept. Every little moan and groan, cry and squeal I would jump out of my seat. There was no way I was going to sleep when he slept. Not only that, he was a belly sleeper. As much as I tried to keep him on his back, he would somehow wiggle right over to his belly. This freaked me out quite a bit. So for this reason, I was a zombie!

With my second child, people would say "Nap when they are both napping." "You will be so happy you did!" Well, that would have been easy had they both slept at the same time! With my third child, all sleep advice went right out the window! Nobody even dared say a word.  In fact, I think everyone was afraid for me! And I have to admit, I was a little afraid for myself. Since I hadn’t had any sleep in six years!

However, the best parenting advice I ever received was to take it all in, every special moment when they are little, because it goes by so fast. And yes, so far this is true for me. I feel like it was yesterday that I was holding my first-born in my arms in the hospital. Now he's six years old and in first grade. I don't honestly know where the time has gone. So now I do this silly little thing in my mind. If I miss a special moment on film, I pretend I have a video camera in my head. I try to take a mental video so I can remember that special moment forever. Now if I only I could just get some sleep! ;)

So what is the best or the worst parenting advice you were ever given?

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Jessica G.


by Jessica G


David on 09/22/2011
Love your blog, huge fan

Lana on 09/23/2011
The best advice I've ever received is to stop and listen to your baby's cries. You can start to figure out what they are crying for eventually!

christine on 09/23/2011
i am so glad there are blogs out there like this:)

christine on 09/23/2011
i am so greatful there are blogs out there like this!

Elizabeth Thompson on 09/23/2011
I've been on both sides of this advice. I got tons of good and bad advice when I was pregnant and even the first couple months after my son was born. I also find myself giving friends advice, like I am an expert when they are expecting. I think it is just a woman's nature to share advice for things that work and don't work. The key is that every mother and baby are different and you learn really quick what works and what doesn't.

Elizabeth Thompson on 09/23/2011
You find out real quick what works and what doesn't when you are first learning.

christine stephen on 10/01/2011
I would have to say the best advice i have gotten (in this past 9wks of being a mommy) is there are NO perfect parents... no matter how hard u try to be , parenting is a trial and error kind of experience...This has helped me to relax and not get too emotional if I cannot figure out what my lil guy wants right away. & I would also have to agree about the sleeping advice, I can never fall asleep till about10pm, however it does ok with me. I dont find myself overly tired, or exhausted:)

Mladen on 02/04/2012
These posts made my eyes well up with tears. Peaceful, loving and beautiful.So very happy to have had the honor to view these! Just lovely, Isla, Mommy and Daddy.

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