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Posts from October 2011 - Baby must haves

Baby Must Haves!

October 08, 2011 | Leave a comment


There are some baby items I just couldn't live without. There are also some items that have managed to collect an inch of dust in my attic!

Let's take the items I thought would be would be a hit.

1. The Diaper Genie

I used this for six months with my son and it eventually made no sense to me. Why keep dirty diapers in a pail and let them ferment over the course of a few days? Talk about a stench when I went to get out the bag! I found that tying those dirty diapers up in a plastic bag and carrying them to the trash made more sense. You have do it anyways right? Plus, I was tired of buying those refill bags all the time.

2.Wipes Warmer

I used this for my first son only. I thought this was a fantastic invention at first. The baby would wake in the middle of the night and hate having his diapers changed. The warm wipe was fantastic. Until I forgot to continuously pour water in and I eventually burnt out the pad. I never looked back. Not only that, I was sleep deprived. Had I been more on top of this, maybe I would have changed my mind.

3. Bottle Warmer

The idea is great, don't get me wrong. But it took too long to heat up a bottle. I found pouring the formula into a microwave safe cup and using the microwave was much easier. I couldn't bear to keep my kids from crying so long waiting for the bottle to warm up. Thankfully, I did nurse all three kids for a while so that made it much easier.


I never did have one of these and I never understood the concept. I have friends that loved it. To me it was more baby gear I just didn't need. I did however use a pack n play for a good six or seven months with two of my children and kept it right next to my bed. I could use the bassinet top until they reached the weight limit and then transfer them to the bottom. Plus, I like the idea of a play pen too. I'm really big on products that have multiple functions!

5. Multiple strollers 

In all shapes and colors. I have to admit, I'm a stroller junkie! I bought four strollers with my first son. I had the combo car seat stroller, the umbrella stroller, the jogging stroller and the stroller I thought I had to have because it was on sale stroller! When my daughter came, I bought a side by side double stroller and a sit and stand. When my youngest came, I bought the expensive double jogging stroller. Lucky for me my daughter decided she wanted to walk instead so now I use the other side for my junk. That's a total of seven strollers! Sign me up for strollers anonymous because this Mama obviously has a stroller addiction! :)

Here's the list of baby items I couldn't live without.

1. Onesies!

Short sleeve, long sleeve and long sleeve with hand mittens.

2. Fisher Price Papasan Swing

Love this swing. In fact loved it so much my third child finally blew out the motor. The best thing about this swing is that you can recline it in two positions and also move the cradle to swing in two different directions. Plus, the seat is super comfy too and the music is very peaceful.

3. Play yard

This is definitely a product I swear by. It's a portable fenced in area for your child to play and stay safe. I use this inside and outside which is great. I also took it apart and blocked off half of my room so my son had free reign in a bigger area. Worth the money and you can buy extensions too.

4. Bathtub ring

I have used this product for all three children until they try to climb out. I love the idea of a safe spot for my child can sit while bathing. Not only that, I can give another child a bath at the same time.

5. Changing Pad

I love this invention. I think it's a fantastic idea. I still use this for my 18 month old unless he tries to run away while I'm changing him. Then I have to change his diaper standing up!

6. Sleep Sack!

I adore these. They are so great for babies who can't keep blankets on. I loved them so much I even went as far as getting my 3-year-old to wear one at the time. They actually make them with feet for bigger kids!

7. Portable or stationary jumpers

I am a huge fan of these. My kids loved this. Not only was it great exercise, it also made them sleep better. ;)

8. Bottle brush

I love this invention too. I love the Dr.Brown's bottles but they come in so many pieces. The little brush they give is great but I find it's not enough. I couldn't live without this item.

9. Bundle Me

I love this idea. I got to use it for only one of my children but I loved it so much. It's great because you can unzip this down if they get too hot. It's really cozy for those cold days too!

10. Sling

I loved my Baby Bjorn. I found that my kids loved being with me at all times. And still do! They loved being able to see what was going on and hang out with me too.


What are some baby things you can or can't live without?

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by Jessica GPosted in Babies, Baby must haves