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Disciplining Other People's Children

April 06, 2012


I have to talk about this topic because it's been really bugging me! So, I was at the park the other day with two of my children. My daughter was happily swinging on the monkey bars and the baby was running around being silly like he usually does. My daughter went over to a group of boys who were sitting a tire swing. She asked if she could join them. One of the boys blurts out "This is a boy's club only, no girls allowed!" He was being quite mean to her telling her that she couldn't join the "club." My daughter just looked at me with these sad eyes like "Mom, say something!" She came running over to me and all I could do was hug her. I felt so bad. I told her to find a group of girls and make a girl's club. What I really wanted to do was go up to this little bully and knock some sense into him! (Of course, I held back!) I looked around the park and didn't see one parent to these kids. That really upset me. Not only were they being fresh, they were unsupervised which is terrible since they were no more than 7 years old. I guess had this kid been really mean to her like calling her names, I probably would have added my two cents! I know this topic is touchy for some but I'm wondering if other parents feel the need to discipline other people's kids. I know that if someone was physically hurting my child, there is no doubt in my mind that I would jump right in! I guess it really depends on the situation. I hate to think that there will be days when my kids get older and they are without me and a situation comes up that I have no control over.

Just recently a friend of mine had a situation with her a girl in her daughter's class. This girl kept telling her girls they had nests for hair and that they were ugly. My friend kept quiet all year until finally she couldn't handle it anymore and approached the teacher. Apparently this girl was not being taken care of at home and was going into foster care. Well, my friend felt terrible. She wished she never said anything but there is no way she would have known. I think bad behavior is bad behavior no matter what the situation is and it should always be addressed. It could have gone so much further so I'm glad she said something.

I think there's also a big difference in correcting bad behavior and discipline. I mean I would never put someone's kid in time out. If there was a situation that needed to be addressed, I would correct them and hope it didn't happen again.

How do you feel about disciplining other people's kids?



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by Jessica G


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