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Sitter or Nanny?

December 10, 2011


Recently I've been on the hunt for a sitter or a nanny to help me out with my three kiddos. I do have to wonder who in their right mind would want to watch all three of my children at the same time! Hopefully someone with the patience of a saint! The funny part about the whole process is that while it seems easy to some, I know my kids. I know their routines, their moods, their time of the day they are just absolutely crazy and all that good stuff. I guess that qualifies me to be their mother right?

Since being on the look out for some help, I have come across many different types of people with all different types of experience. Some with just a fondness of kids and some that are previous teachers or mothers and have loads of experience. What I really want to find is someone who "clicks" with my kids and someone they adore as well.

So, after much thought I had to ask myself  "What is the difference between a sitter and a nanny?" Here's the difference:

A babysitter usually takes care of the children on an as-needed basis. They don't usually perform all of the duties of a nanny like housekeeping, cooking and helping children with homework. A sitter generally fills in the void of a parent here and there like at night or on the weekends. A sitter is typically paid less than a nanny because nannies have more responsibilities. A nanny may live in or out of the home as well. Payment arrangements are usually made ahead of time and things like health insurance and benefits may also be available.

So, since I am looking for someone more on an as-needed basis, I would want to find a babysitter instead of a nanny. I think it's so important when looking for that right person, to do a background check. It's really important to request a resume to check references. Also, make sure the references are up to date. I would also prefer someone to be first aid and CPR certified as well. Many of the babysitting courses out there give the proper certifications and there are many courses out there to choose from. If you are interested in getting certified, try your local American Red Cross. Not only are these courses helpful for babysitters or nannies, parents should be first aid and CPR certified also.

My search still continues for that perfect person. I have to admit though; I wish Mrs. Doubtfire would knock on my door!



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by Jessica G


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