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Trying to Have a Baby

October 27, 2011


When I was thinking about having a baby, I thought it would be easy to get pregnant. I didn't think the whole process would be so involved until I really started trying to conceive. I thought it would be simple. You know how the story usually goes. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Girl tells boy it's time to have a baby. Boy worries that his life is going to change forever but agrees anyways. Girl gets pregnant! Well, maybe not exactly like that!

What I never knew was that trying to get pregnant would be so scientific. I did so much reading and studying on how to get pregnant, on what to do and what not to do that it started to make me a little crazy. What I found out was that there was really only a twenty-four hour window to get pregnant. There's a seventy-two hour window for sperm cells to survive but only a twenty-four hour period that the egg is actually viable. I did some research and decided to try an ovulation kit. I loved being able to pinpoint the days and determine when and if I actually ovulated that month. So even though my body was showing signs of ovulation, I could see the exact time I ovulated to increase my chances of getting pregnant. It certainly felt like a science project but I didn't mind. I just wanted to see those two purple lines!

Month one rolled around and I felt different. I was sick to my stomach and just felt off. I would have sworn I was pregnant. Unfortunately it wasn't my month. I kept my head up and we decided to try again. About four days before I was actually due to test, I woke up and headed to the bathroom. I took and a test and low and behold it showed those two purple lines. I was in complete shock. My husband was in shock as well when I told him. He was convinced it would take much longer than two months! We were extremely lucky that it happened so quickly and nine months later we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

When we started trying for baby number two, we weren't as lucky right away. We tried for about six months to no avail. I was getting pretty discouraged. That's when I began to take my basal body temperature and chart along with using the ovulation kit. It was so interesting to watch. I started noticing that even after I ovulated my temperature stayed above the cover line. I kept my hopes up and tested early again. It was positive. I was beyond excited. We ended up with a little girl this time. We really felt so blessed.

Two years later after my daughter was born, I found out I was pregnant again with my third. There was no ovulation kit, no temping or charting or any of that scientific stuff this time. After the shock finally wore off, we delivered another beautiful boy. We were happy our family was complete. This time I was ready to close up shop! This Mama was ready to move past the baby making years and ready to enjoy life with her family!

So now that you know my story, I want to hear yours!

Did you have to "try" to have a baby? How long did it take to conceive? I would love to hear your "Trying to Conceive" stories!



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by Jessica G


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