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Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Kids

February 04, 2012


Valentine's Day is around the corner so I thought I would share with you some ideas I had for a cute party!  Kids love to be involved in the party planning process and these ideas will keep them busy.

1. Make the Party Invitations:

Depending on the amount of guests, you can help your child cut out the hearts for the invitations. Use colored construction paper in pink, red and white. Use a ruler and draw three lines on the heart to announce the party, location and time. Cut out doilies in the shape of a heart. Use a hole puncher and make a hole in the heart and doily. Attach a pretty bow through the two holes to hold them together.

2. Decorate:

You and your child can decorate in no time! Just fold a few pieces of construction paper in half to create your hearts. You can do the same with the doilies. Take some yarn, string or even ribbon and cut in long pieces. Use your hole punch and create a hole at the top of the heart to string them all together. You can decorate doorways, furniture and even fireplace mantles with this garland. Another cute idea is to cover a table with a white, pink or red tablecloth. Take some more hearts in various sizes and cover the table randomly. For a cute centerpiece, take a large clear vase or bowl and add a bag of conversation hearts to the middle of the table.

3. Food:

I love the idea of having everything in the shape of a heart. For a fun, easy lunch idea you can get pre-made pizza crust, heart cookie cutters, pizza sauce, cheese and toppings. Layout these ideas on a table so kids can decorate their own pizzas. Have the children cut out their pizzas in the shape of a heart and decorate! After lunch you can have them get creative and decorate their own cupcakes with frosting and candy sprinkles.

4. Valentine's Day Game:

Before the guests arrive, count out the number of conversation hearts in the vase. During the party, have the kids take a guess on the number of hearts. Here's a cute poem for in front of the vase:

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Can you guess how many hearts?

If you do, they're for you!

The child with the closest answer wins the candy.

5. Valentine Exchange:

If you would like the children to exchange Valentine's, specify on the invitation so parents know in advance. It might be cute to allow each child to take a turn handing out his/her invitations.

There will certainly be a lot of love in the room this Valentine's Day!



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by Jessica G


Bruno on 02/27/2012
I love your Valentine's trntidioas you do for each other and the other ideas you shared are inspiring, as well. Now I only wish I had more time before Valentine's Day...tomorrow!!

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