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Winter Break on a Budget!

February 18, 2012


I have been trying to come up with some ideas to keep my kids busy during winter break. We have made plans to have a couple play-dates with friends but I've recently been on the hunt for some more activities to fill up the week! Since our winter is mild this year, there's a good chance they won't be playing in the snow. I would love to keep the cost of activities to a minimum so I've come up with a few ideas that won't break the bank! Here are a few ideas I had in mind:

1. Park

I plan on taking them to the park a couple of times to let them burn off some steam. I'm hoping to bring lunch or snacks so we won't have to leave when they get hungry.

2. Museum

I'm hoping to make it over to a local children's museum that's pretty inexpensive. I think the kids will have a good time. What I love about museums is there's usually something for everyone.

3. Library

What's great about the library is they often have free story times and crafts with the kids after. Not only that, the kids love picking out books with their very own library card. Funny how the little things make them so happy!

4. Sledding

My kids have been praying for snow all winter. We are hoping that their wish comes true, however we are also debating on taking them up north for the day so they can go sledding or maybe even try skiing.

5. Arts and crafts

I love doing projects with my kids. My oldest son is a huge fan, which is great because it keeps him entertained. My four-year old usually lasts 15 minutes and the baby, well he's just into coloring right now! I'm hoping I can find something for all of them to enjoy. My search continues and I will let you know what I find!

6. Movie night

My kids love when we do the occasional movie night. I usually set up three sleeping bags on the floor and they each get their own bowl of popcorn. I may just let them stay up later than usual a couple of nights as a special treat too.

7. Start planting seeds

I'm going to have my kids start planting some seeds. What's great about this project is that it's really inexpensive and enjoyable. Once the warmer weather comes, you can put them in the ground, which is a lot of fun for them. I’m hoping this will help them eat their vegetables too!

8. Local pet shop/farm

Sometimes I take my kids to the local pet store to look at all the animals. They love seeing the puppies. My youngest is a big fan of the fish. It's a great way to keep them entertained even if just a half an hour!

9. Take a mystery walk

There's nothing more exciting to kids then a last minute adventure. I am going to take them for a walk next week. Before I go, I'm going to write down everything they need to find. I'll give them a job to check off their items on their list. I may have to draw a picture of the objects for my daughter. I am also going to try this at the grocery store too!

10. Use their imagination!

I think it's so important to let kids be kids and not entertain them every minute of the day. While I hope to have a little something planned throughout the week, I'm really hoping they use their imagination and do a lot of pretend play.


What are your kids doing for winter break? How do you keep them entertained on a budget?



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by Jessica G


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